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It takes a lot of different ingredients to create the perfect dish.
We specialize in helping diverse teams solve complex problems through workshops, coaching and training, both online and in-person.

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In-person workshops with your managers, staff and stakeholders. We lead your team through the problem solving process leveraging our workbook, Solving the REAL business plan the RIGHT way. This not only provides you with a solid solution, but develops the teams ability for open dialogue and the use of tools and structured approaches for problem solving. Employee engagement is strengthened by having them take an active role in both developing and implementing solutions. This process creates a greater sense of ownership and shared accountability, which increases the success of your organizational change.
Whether you are implementing a new business process, or an organization wide transformation, change can take an enormous amount of time and energy. It’s important to understand the inter-dependencies, and how change in one area will affect other aspects of your business. For example, changes to an IT system will affect your business processes, require employees to learn new skills, and perhaps change the way you interact with customers.
Whether you are expanding into international markets, working with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, or finding that your work place is becoming more diverse as a reflection of our changing population. diverse teams can use some specialized support. Based on our research and experience with cross-cultural teams, we provide cultural awareness training & support for work groups to understand and leverage differences.
We can develop a project within your budget and time frame. Services include Project Management, Business Research, Stakeholder Consultation, Strategic Analysis, Problem Solving, Scenario Development, Action Plan Development, Implementation Frameworks, Performance Management Frameworks, Monitoring Tools. We also provide post-project support, such as coaching and team workshops, to ensure you stay on course with your changes.
How to Manage Culturally Diverse Work Teams
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How to Manage Culturally Diverse Work Teams (Kindle & Print)

This book is for managers in all types of organizations (private enterprise, non-profit and government) to develop skills for leading high performing, intercultural and international teams. The workplace is becoming increasingly more diverse as our world becomes more interconnected. Cultural diversity presents many positive opportunities, but it takes some special skills to help intercultural teams perform well.
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Solving the REAL Business Problem the Right Way (Kindle & Print)

A step by step guide for business owners and managers to investigate the root cause of business problems, develop practical solutions and implement lasting, positive change. Readers are guided through the process using business research tools, strategic analysis and reflective exercises. The techniques in this book have been designed for small to medium size business, but are also very applicable to other types and sizes of organizations.
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Solving the REAL Business Problem the Right Way

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